SoMe Connect is your one-stop shop for all your social media consulting services. As a premier social media agency in Chicago, we know how to promote your business, brand, or product to the right people the right way. A lucrative social media campaign helps B2B and B2C companies of every size engage with customers, increase awareness, and provide value.

Why Choose SoMe Connect

When people think of social media, they often think about Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, however, there are plenty of other platforms out there to take advantage of, and at SoMe Connect we’ll help you find the best ones to reach and engage with your audience.

Our social media services are tailored to your company’s individual needs. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach but instead build social media campaigns for you that cater to your target audience. SoMe Connect’s social media consulting services are developed to help you find and direct the conversation happening around your brand or product by connecting you with your audience.

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What SoMe Connect can offer:

  • Audit of existing social media profiles
  • Customized approach to reach customers
  • Helping you set goals and objectives for your campaigns
  • Finding and reaching your target audiences
  • Implementation and connection approach strategies
  • Brand management
  • Cross-channel promotion
  • Reporting and analytics

What is Social Media Marketing?

Put simply; social media marketing is how you promote your business through social channels while also engaging with your audience.

Social media marketing is both an art form and a highly scientific process full of numbers, analytics, and data. We create and manage profitable social media campaigns built just for you. At its core, social media marketing is the aspect of your brand that interacts on a personalized level with your target audience. This interaction is done through posts, tweets, photos, videos, and more. ?

How Does Social Media Generate Results and Leads?

When done correctly, a social media campaign on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can generate leads. By posting, tweeting, and gramming, you’ll not only get your content out there, but you’ll be able to track who is engaging with that content. This process allows you to narrow down your potential customers. You can then generate new content to engage with these potential customers, offering them a service or product they are looking for, resulting in conversions. With most of the population spending so much time on the internet, social media campaigns are a great and cost-effective way to reach your target audience right where they live, on the internet.

Using Social Media Platforms

When you come to us at SoMe Connect for help with your social media campaign, you’re getting access to a full-service agency. We utilize the best social platforms for your company like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We understand the differences and nuances of each of these platforms and will create tailored content for each to get you your desired results. Each of these platforms has both a cross-user base and a unique user base. By creating platform-specific content, we can better reach and engage with your target audience whether they’re catching up with friends, getting their news, or brushing up on the latest industry trends.

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Why Social Media is Important in your Digital Campaign

Social media is one of the leading ways people interact with one another. Not having a social media presence is like trying to cook with only a few ingredients. In addition to being able to communicate with your consumer base, social media has many benefits:

  • Drive targeted traffic
    • Posts and proper link building can bring your consumer base to your site or product, increasing awareness and conversions.
  • It boosts your SEO value
    • Using links in your social media campaigns will help drive traffic to the relevant pages on your site, increasing traffic and allowing them to naturally climb higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Learn more about SEO here.
  • It builds relationships
    • Having a social media presence allows you to interact with and learn from your target audience. By being able to communicate directly with customers, you create a human to human relationship. It also allows you to view your audiences’ habits online and tailor your marketing strategy to best suit them. Sites like Twitter and Facebook will enable you to post with a personality, connecting you to real people.
  • Social media ads allow specific targeting
    • Sites like Facebook allow you to create custom ads that are targeted to a variety of specifics such as location, likes, and even purchase history.

For more information on how SoMe Connect can boost your social media presence with a great social media campaign contact SoMe Connect today.